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Economic Forecast for 2013

IMF predicts euro zone continued recession

The economy of the euro nations recovering after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) slower than expected. 2013 the gross domestic product will shrink expected in the euro area by 0.2 percent. The recession put thus, contrary to the predictions of October continued into this year. Until 2014, the IMF expects a return to growth in economic output in the euro countries.
Germany can be projected to the current year with a gain of 0.6 percent and in 2014 expect to see economic growth of 1.4 percent. The French GDP will increase slightly in both years. In Italy, however, the IMF estimates for 2013 with a further decline in economic output by 1.0 percent, in Spain may even reach the minus 1.5 percent.


Containers are loaded onto trucks in the port of Hamburg (photo: dpa)
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Significant growth of the world economy

The sovereign debt crisis in Europe, the IMF evaluates unchanged as the biggest risk to the world economy. "Increase the risk of a prolonged stagnation in the euro zone will subside if the reform effort," warns the fund.Nevertheless, the outlook for the global economy compared to the October estimate was revised only slightly downward. The IMF forecast says this year preceded by an increase of 3.5 percent and in 2014, a growth of 4.1 percent.
An important source of growth will therefore again be China. The People's Republic can therefore expect this year and next, respectively, with an increase in GDP of between eight and nine percent.


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